Father's Day Freebie

Are you ready for Father's Day?  If not, here's a quick and easy gift you can whip together in just a few minutes.

You will need a plain jar.  I picked up this one at the Dollar Store.

Print out the labels.  You can find them by clicking on the last picture in this post.

Glue the labels on the jar.

Fill with nuts.

And add a name or message.

Grab your free label by clicking on the link below.

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Guided Reading Freebie!

The creators of Rhyme to Read and Miss Kindergarten are excited to announce that this highly effective reading program is now available in digital download format! 

Rhyme to Read is a great program designed to support beginning readers. This program emphasizes word family chunks which are color-coded to assist children in discriminating different word patterns. The only prerequisites are the recognition of letters and knowledge of letter-sound connections. Rhyme to Read enables children to feel confident as they enter the world of reading!
Rhyme to Read is comprised of 20 short vowel guided reading books that focus on specific word families and common sight words. It is a great, systematic way to teach beginning readers how to read using important chunks in words.

On the left-hand side of the book, students will pre-read the word family words that the will see in the story. The sight word they need to know is also highlighted in the top right corner so they can practice that as well. It is SO good for students to preview words before reading so that they are successful when reading the words in a sentence!

All the books come in both color and gray-scale so you can print what works for you! Here are 3 suggestions for how to assemble the books!

Are you interested in trying out Rhyme to Read? You're in luck!
You can try Book 1: Pat, the at family story for FREE by clicking on the image below!

Visit Miss Kindergarten's blog to see all the other activities included in the program!

New School or New Grade?

What questions do you need to ask to get started out when you are new to a grade or even a school?

Check out this article which will give you the Top 5 Questions to ask NOW.

Or if you will have a new to you teacher on your grade level,
get a glimpse into what you need to tell them to help them out. 
Click the picture above or (here) to head read more. 
I know you will be glad you did!

10 Steps of Independence

Joining the ranks of a Kindergarten teacher this year 
or looking to revamp reading in a new way this year?

Head over to Sharing Kindergarten 
to snag this freebie poster 
on the 10 Steps of Independence
as well as TONS of ideas on HOW to use Daily 5 in your classroom
AND why it works so well. 

Guided Math Freebie

Hello!  It's Reagan from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits, and I am stopping by to share a step by step guided to starting guided math!  Whether you want to start in the fall, or save it for a more "mature" part of the year, you'll have a day by day guide to help get your rotations up and running!

If your students are not ready, no need to start on the first day!  Just save it for  a time when you know your studenst are ready to begin independent math stations! 

To get the full free guide, just click the pictures in this post!  It will take you through 20 days of launching!

End of the Year Emotions
As the end of the year approaches...
do you have TEARS or do you have CHEERS?

TEARS are not a bad thing!
Either are CHEERS.

Share Your End of the Year Slideshow DIGITALLY

Ditch those DVDs you burn for each and
every student to share you end of the year class slideshow or digital movie?
Click the image above or here to get some techie tips on EASY ways to share these fun moments.

The ULTIMATE Glue Gun Tip
The Ultimate Glue Gun Tip!
I have to share this glue gun tip for the best wall decor and clean up.
You simply HAVE to read this post
I can't wait to share this tip with you.

FREE Read and Write CVC Word Activity Sheet

Here's a fun way to practice reading and writing CVC words all year long. Try out a FREE CVC word activity sheet by clicking the image below. 
Once at my store, click on PREVIEW!

Students read and color the words, fill in the missing letters, highlight the word, and write the word. Lots of opportunities to practice CVC words! Enjoy!

Summer Professional Development Opportunity

Hey all Tara West here!  I wanted to share with you a fun + exciting opportunity for professional development this summer!  I will be hosting six conferences throughout the summer!  I will have three in Kansas City, one in Charlotte, South Carolina and Irvine, California!  I'll be coast to coast and directly in the middle! Ha! :)

At my summer conferences will be discussing all curriculum areas: close reading {whole-group literacy}, guided reading, math, phonics, and everything in the middle!  I will be sharing detailed ideas and classroom videos as well! It will be a day filled with learning and collaboration!  Along with the conference I will also be hosting a meet up the night before and the evening of the conference!  We will have lots of time to meet, greet, and have an awesome time!  If you'd like to read more about the conferences available you can check them out HERE!

Have a great week - - it will be May in just a F-L-A-S-H!