Yummy 4th of July FUN!

You ready for some YUMMY 4th of July FUN!

My family tries to do little activities together to celebrate.
What a great way to learn,
talk, and spend time together creating something meaningful.
Check out this fun eatable activity!
One year we graphed the red, white and blue marshmallows.
Last year we baked a red,white, and blue cake 
and made some fun art projects while talking about the birthday of America.

This year we found this festive Twizzlers Pull & Peel licorice that is 
red, white, and blue while in the grocery store.
 Our fun art project materials consisted of the licorice and white paper.

Here is what one strand of the licorice looks like...
 it has 9 colorful pieces of the candy...
three rows of three...
in case you want to use it for an array or something else fun.

You have to pull the pieces apart... hence the name pull and peel.
But this is a great activity little hands to gentle  
pppppuuuuullllllllll the pieces apart.

Then we create a FUN, colorful firecracker art project using the licorice.
There is no wrong way to do this... 
and me and S, my 5 year old had a blast creating and nibbling.
It is fun to talk and giggle together.

 We also talked about the initials USA and how they stood for the United States of America.
 So we made the initials of the USA.

 And of course we just played for a little while, 
because that is what little learners do best.
 S wanted to create a kite.

You can find Pull & Peel Licorice year round, but it is usually comes in just red.

You can use this type of licorice to make letters, words, and my favorite... 
I love using this candy to make shapes because my students have to think about 
the number of sides, points, and even curves of shapes. 
With some shapes, they also have to thing about the lengths and
 if the lengths match or need to be change, such as with a square or a rectangle. 

Creating shapes always takes more effort than copying them, 
and therefore requires more thought from the learner. 

Here is picture S created at the end of our "school time."
 She explained to me that this picture is obviously the ocean with the waves at the bottoms, 
the sand in the middle, then the sun rays at the top.

 Each pack contains 12 rows of the licorice too... which is a lot!
You can easily use one pack for many activities!
What other ideas can you think of to use this type of licorice at home or in your classroom?

FREE Odd and Even Posters

Hey Peeps!
How are you about change?
Some people hate it, dread it, and avoid it.

I like it and sometimes encourage it too often!
This may be one of those times!

A whole list of things spurred on my latest change... but it resulted in a FREEBIE!

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KinderPhoncis {free 2 week sampler}

Hey there FreebieLicious friends!  I hope you are having a great summer!  I wanted to pop in and share with you a freebie two week sampler to my KinderPhonics units!  KinderPhonics has changed the way I teach Phonics and after a full year of using the program I am HOOKED!

Each KinderPhonics units comes with its on set of practice sheets...

You also get these handy helper handwriting sheets...

I have a very detailed post about my KinderPhonics units HERE.  If you'd like to download the freebie first simply click the image below!  I am also running a special on the units below this week ...they are 20% off or when buying the complete bundle you get 3 interactive notebooks for free!  

Have a splendid week!

Tara West @Little Minds at Work

Money Poem and Test Freebie!

Mastering skip counting through coins is a definite "real world" application of the skip counting standards.

I have a couple of fun freebies to assist you with that!

Number Formation Poems

I remember going through school and loving math. It was one of my favorite subjects! I felt really confident in math, which I think is why I loved it so much. As a teacher, I want my students to love math as much as I do. So I'm always looking for ways to make it fun, hands-on and engaging!
My amazing teammates and I make learning numbers fun by using poems to teach the correct number formation. It also really helps our students understand exactly how each number needs to be formed. I created some number formation posters that you can print out and back on cute paper to match your room decor. {Sorry they are not editable and I won't be able to change them!}
After we learn how to correctly form the numbers, we practice writing them in the air, on the carpet and even on our neighbor's back ;)
My teammate was also able to get these posters printed for us! We hung them on our door and practiced our numbers before leaving for the day. You can download this number poster {here}.

If you're starting to collect ideas for your classroom next year, I hope these are helpful to you! Make sure to follow my blog and TpT store for more fun ideas and freebies!

Ten Frame Drop - A Math Game FREEBIE!

My students love to play games...especially during math!
So I created this ready-to-print-and-use math game...reinforcing learning to read and build numbers using ten-frames.
I guarantee your students will love learning about ten-frames with this fun game.
Come on over to learn more and download your free copy!


Father's Day Freebie

I can't believe that Father's Day is just around the corner.

I thought I would get a head start with these cute little jars.

All you need are some jars.

And the labels that I made.

You can grab them from blog by clicking on the picture below.

Freebie Reading Goals

Hey there and hope all is well! Just stopping in to share with you some reading goal headers I just made.  If you head over to my blog you can snag these and read more about how I have loved incorporating student goal setting into my classroom! :)  Click below to download the freebie and have a great week! - Thanks, Tara!


I hope you enjoy it...and have a SUPER week!

"Ulta"mate Gift Card Holder FREEBIE

Hey peeps!

My school year is coming to a close soon. I was trying to think of something different to give to my one and only parent helper.

I decided on a gift card to Ulta. So I made this little card holder to go with it.

After I shared it on Instagram, I received several requests for it. So, I've made it editable. I also added lots of options beyond "CLASSROOM HELPER!"

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Happy almost of the the school year!!

Spring Kindergarten Open House {freebies}

Hey there!  Tara West here from Little Minds at Work. It's that time of year...time to get the new batch of kiddos prepped for the start of the next school year!  This year we hosted a spring open house/round up for our new kindergarten kiddos!  The event was a safari themed...just look at this cutie!  She is ready for k!

I have compiled a post that explains the event along with some great freebies!  You will also be able to download the You're on your way to K parent flier {pictured above}.  Click on any of the images to head over to my blog, or click HERE!  Have a great week!